My First Blog: Pre Golf Trip Thoughts.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been preparing myself mentally and physically for the one of the important weekends of the year, the Gaylord Focker Golfing Extravaganza. I’ve been taking it so seriously, that I’ve been leaving work early at least once a week to sneak in a round before it gets dark. Like the great Kevin Kisner once said “This aint no hobby!” But back to the main reason I decided to write this. I wanted to share a handful of thoughts I’ve been dealing with leading up to this trip.

Thought 1: I’m going on a trip with a bunch of strangers.

Naturally, when it was decided on who made the cut for this golf trip a group text message was created to give updates on what the plan was. The only problem was out of the 10 people in this group chat I only had 2 of the numbers saved. My initial thought was “am I going to have to alpha dog some of these people” lol jk. But after an exchange of some funny memes and gifs I realized that there is a good chance that these kids are going to be a fun time. Also, pretty sure one of the kids is a pro baseball player. I’m thinking about asking for an autograph or maybe a game of catch, but I don’t want to come off too strong.

Thought 2: There’s a good chance I’m going to have to sleep with a rando.

Since I don’t know the majority of the people going on this trip and I know the available sleeping spaces in the cabin we’re staying at. Statistically speaking, there is a good chance I am going to have to bunk with someone who i met that same afternoon. But the real question is how are we going to sleep? Do we play it safe and go butt butt to make things as less awkward as possible, maybe we go the classic feet to head method? Or, we go as weird as possible and go face to face. But whatever we do, my bunk make is going to quickly find out I run HOT when i sleep so i go only boxers, so things are already going to start of on the uncomfortable side.

Thought 3: Cart Partners on the Course.

I really hope me and whoever my cart partners vibes match up. I like to listen to music and casually drink two handfuls of beer while playing, especially when I’m Up North enjoying that Pure Michigan air. Also, I hope our skill level is pretty close, the last thing I want is for him to go back to the cabin and just talk about how i didn’t contribute to the team.

Thought 4: What a great opportunity to make new friends.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not know the majority of the kids that are going on this trip, even though we all grew up probably within 15 miles of each other. But this is an amazing opportunity to make new friends. I don’t know how anyone else feels about this, but i find it weird and hard to make new friends in your mid 20’s. Actually, we don’t even have to be friends, just casual acquaintance. Where if we see each other at the bar, we talk for 3 min. and just move on. With that being said, I am going to listen to some advice I got from a girl on tinder i was talking to for 2 days, “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”.


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