Farmers Cafe Will Close For Awhile As Employee Test Positive For Coronavirus

Ohh you thought we were done with Corona?

Not so fast my friends.

Coronavirus is back in our face with news that definitely hits close to home. Farmers Cafe is shutting their doors for the foreseeable future as they found out one of their employees tested positive for Covid 19. I did a little investigating and I found a comment from the Facebook post and a women said the employee worked in the back and came to work Monday, July 6th, and was sent home. Farmers Cafe got the results of the test today, 45 minutes ago, and decided to shut the doors as the result was positive. All employees will be getting a test for Corona and I’m sure if you were there in the recent weeks, you should as well.

We called Farmers for a word and the phone was not picked up. I’m guessing everyone got out of there. I’m a little nervous because I picked up lunch from there today but we will see what happens.

Here at LifeTakes we’re hoping for the best and that everyone involved is healthy. Famers Cafe is a staple of Carleton and everyone who’s from Carleton has been there. I would go on a limb and say it’s the only thing that brings tourist to the town. We can’t wait for you to open back up!

Remember wear a mask and social distance yourself! It’s not that hard!


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