The Bodies Of A Women and Son Were Found Dead In Mackinaw City Hotel In What Authorities Are Investigating As Murder/Suicide?

The link to the article and pictures of the article are posted above and the title is a headline grabbing. Butttttttt I think we all think the same thing here….

The boyfriend murdered them both forsure?!?!

I know every person is incident until proven guilty but I’ll go out on a limb and say most mothers won’t murder there 11 year old son. But a crazy boyfriend might.

Pretty convenient the man called the cops and instantly said his wife killed herself. A lot of details need to still come out and that article was as vanilla has my ice cream cones with sprinkles.

But this will be a 20/20 NBC special or an Dateline episode in 2 years. I should be an P.I detective because shomething is fishy here and things don’t add up. I’ll keep an eye out for developing news.

No matter what happen this is a very tragic situation and I feel for the family members and everyone involved. So sad.


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