My Presidential Basketball Starting Lineup

Have you ever thought about if any of our former President’s would’ve been athletic enough to go to the league? Probably not, but with no sports and fresh off the greatest holiday in July there is the two, I thought it would be an interesting combo. Overall, this lineup consist of a Warriors-style, small ball lineup, since a majority of them were under 6 foot and is based on physical/ and non-physical attributes that they could bring to the hardwood and not just in the White House.

Point Guard – George Washington

Standing in at 6’2, from Mount Vernon, Virginia, it only made sense that our first President took the role of the one spot. His above-average height for a PG could serve as mismatch problem for some guards, as well as, Washington’s ability to lead his boys across the Delaware, as well as leading an entire army to fighting their out of conference rival, the British (all while being President). His leadership ability would make him a great floor general to run the offense.

Shooting Guard – Barack Obama

Coming in at 6’1, out of Chi-Town, Illinois, Barry is the only one on this list who has any real basketball background. During his time growing up in Hawaii, he played on both the JV and Varsity basketball teams, where they won state title, back in 1979. Though putting him at the two spot, he was not known for his shooting, ironically. However, his lack of shooting was made up for his ability to both rebound and play defense, according to his old teammates and coaches. With this, I felt that Obama would make a good 2-way guard, with the ability to drive to the hoop to make buckets.

Small Forward – John F. Kennedy

At a whopping, 6’0 flat, out of the suburbs of Boston, Johnny Politics puts the small, in small forward. As probably being the second most athletic leader of our country, Kennedy would be the Christian Laettner of politics, turned sports. Like Laettner, all the women loved him and all his opponents and opposing fans hated him. Though being the smallest, small forward in the league, I felt too he could be a crafty slasher being able to slither his way through defenders with his speed and size.

Power Forward – Lyndon B. Johnson

The 6’4, 200 pound Presidential 6th Man of the Year (coming off the bench, after the passing of Kennedy) from Stonewall, Texas, Johnson has a build that made it an easy choice to put him at the four spot. Though there was debate about putting him at the two or three, I felt Johnson was more of an interior force who could post you up or be a problem for players trying to slash to the hoop.

Center – Abraham Lincoln

With no surprise, the 6’4, 180 pound slavery-abolisher out of Springfield, Illinois will be doing the tip-offs for this squad. With his frame, I thought he was most comparable with being a Chris Bosh, like player. Like Bosh, I felt Honest Abe could grab boards, hit the mid-range, and even could play the four spot if need be.


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