Whitmer Closes Indoor Bar Services For Most Of Michigan

Things are still not normal and Governor Whitmer announced earlier today that at 11PM, tonight, indoor services will not be allowed in Michigan. Unless you are in the U.P or Traverse City.

I get it, this sucks. But we have to remember that if we ever want to get back to normal and have sports in the fall, we have to wear a mask and just do what we have to do. Wearing a mask is one of the easiest things to ever do and it you shouldn’t go in public without it. We need football in the fall.

You can still go to restaurants and eat out doors and I’m pretty sure you can get margs to go!! Margs to go are life! But we can’t go inside anymore.

I remember saying a long time ago that we were in the second inning of Covid-19. I feel like it’s very safe to say we’re approaching the 7th inning stretch. We’re getting a little tired of the game but we get to stand up and sing a little. We’re close to the end of the game but a lot of stuff can still happen.

Wear a mask and keep practicing social distancing. We need sports back.


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