Emoni Bates Commits To MSU

The number 1 player in the world just verbally committed to Michigan State and I’m actually pretty happy about it. It feels good knowing he would have stayed local for his one college season. A guy like him usually picks schools like Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and so on. So, good for the state of Michigan, but we all know he’s skipping college and going straight to the NBA. Sports Illustrated wrote a cover story about him and a quote from it “Magic, MJ, Kobe, Lebron……Emoni” that’s a legit quote and it’s crazy.

I mean just watch the kid.

He will only be a Junior in high school next school year, so he won’t have a chance to wear green for 2 more years. If you haven’t already seen him play, go now. The kid is amazing and I think every single person will say his game is so similar to Kevin Durant’s.

Go ahead MSU fans and have your day, but remember Juwan beat Izzo in his first year of coaching in his entire life. We will he ready.


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