My NBA Starting 5 Fantasy Lineup: Current Players Edition

It will be a conversation that will be talked about til the end of time; who would your dream starting 5 be in the NBA. No matter the sport, fantasy drafts gives us sports fan the opportunity to let our imaginations run wild, as we try to assemble our dream team to take down our friends and earn bragging rights, as the fantasy league champions.

Using the current NBA roster (disregarding what team they play for now and pretending everyone is 100% healthy), here is my dream fantasy team, I would assemble to face any challenger in real life, fantasy sports, or even on the NBA 2K Blacktop.

  1. Kyrie Irving

Running the point, you cannot deny that Kyrie is one of the most athletic guards in the league. With his innate shooting, ability to drive and attack the hoop, even for a guard, as well as his “God-like” ball handling, Kyrie can exploit his opponents both offensively, as well as defensively with his ability to steal the ball and break down defenders with his shifty-defensive movements.

2. Russell Westbrook

I know you all will be asking yourselves, why in the world would you put Russ at the two guard? I am fully aware about Russ’s sub-par shooting ability, however, I felt that both Russ’s frame, grit, and as well as his explosive, athleticism would be a big mismatch against most two guards in the league.

3. Lebron James

Do I even need to explain who this man is?

4. Kevin Durant

Whether he’s roasting you from a burner account on Twiiter or on the court, he is arguably one of the top three players in the league right now. Durant is the prime example of an elite stretch four, hence why I put him at the Power Forward position. Other than tearing his Achilles, there is no real way to stop KD. He is an all-around hooper, who will kill you with his speed in transition, bully you in the paint, or even casually cross half court and start raining threes on you. KD is a nightmare for defenders and will always be a huge contribute both in points, as well as boards and facilitating the rock.

5. Joel Embiid

Finishing off the team at Center, is Joel Embiid. With big-men like Jokic or even Drummond out there, I wanted to assemble a team that no matter the position, they could do it all, and Embiid fit that piece. Possibly even being interchangeable at the four spot, Embiid will not only hurt you in the paint with his aggressive style of rebounding and boxing out, believe it or not, he can hurt you from the 3-Point line as well. Pre-COVID, Embiid had a 51.4% field goal percentage, as well as shooting roughly 35% from beyond the arc, almost the same as Lebron. Likewise, both Embiid’s catch and shoot percentag, as well has his percentage from pulling up was roughly the same at 35.3%, which just adds more problems to your opponent, when your 7’0, 280 lbs Center can strap like that.

Who would your starting 5 be?

All-Time NBA starting lineup coming soon!


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