Martha Ford Steps Down As Detroit Lions Primary Owner- End Of An Era

Shelia Hemp, Martha Ford’s daughter, is taking over the day to day operations of being a sport franchise owner.

This is big news for people at 97.1 the ticket, the main talk radio show in Metro Detroit, who wanted the Fords to sell the team last season and even went above and beyond to get the fans on board. Which of course they did.

If we’re being honest, this isn’t huge news. I’m a firm believer that ownership doesn’t have much presence on a good team. Owners take too much credit when there team wins and media (97.1 the ticket) blames ownership when they lose because it’s easier to talk about.

I know most of you are too young to remember Bill Ford, the original owner before Martha took over the team in 2014, but Bill was a mess of a owner, according to 97.1.

Martha was a breathe of fresh air and she’s different. Fast forward 6 years and they are saying the same thing about Martha. All in all, ownership doesn’t matter and we (the Lions) need to just win football games and this stuff wouldn’t even be a story.

Let’s forget about all the politics involved in owning a sports team and recognize what an amazing accomplish these two love birds achieved in their lifetime. Martha ended the run of 50 years of ownership between the young couple in this picture and man…. what a run.

Forward down the field!


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