Coach Duggs Is Going Back To Where It All Started- The University Of Toledo

The University of Toledo is back in the national spotlight.

Coach Gus Duggerton had an offer to head back to defending National Champions Tennessee but decided to head north to the campus of Toledo. It’s an interesting move and not too many people saw it coming but the people of Toledo, Ohio are jacked up.

The Mid-American conference got into the mix to congratulate Coach.

Toledo’s season will last one week and it will go by in a blink of an eye. The main goal for the season is to win a national championship and for Coach to get his second BCS championship under his belt.

It got off to a hot start with #16 Toledo winning at #23 USC. Normally, this would be a huge upset, but in the year 2019 and with Toledo building a powerhouse, winning at USC is normal stuff.

Toledo didn’t move at all in the rankings and brought the Florida Gators to town. #16 Toledo took down #20 Florida in the first game at the famous Glass Bowl.

The season will move fast with 3 games being playing tomorrow. We could in a store for a special season! Let’s have a week Rockets!


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