Why the Browns signing Cam Newton, Wouldn’t Be Such a Dumpster Fire

2018 was the supposed to be year where the QB carousel made its last rotation, when the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield first overall. However, such is life, reality kicked in and just like every season, the hype was not real. Blame it on the coaching, the players around him, or blame it on Baker himself, it was apparent (especially his sophomore season) that there was still something missing to complete the puzzle of a winning franchise. 

Granted the Browns have made some of the best moves in free agency we’ve seen in recent years, as well as bringing an a A+ rated drafted class here in 2020. However, the piece they could be missing is currently still a free agent and his name is Cam Newton. 

Say what you will about Cam, but you can’t take away from sighting his resume, that includes a Super Bowl appearance, as well as the 2015 MVP. Noted, that these are credentials not many, if any, players can claim on this team. With this, signing Cam Newton will bring experience, pressure on Baker, as well as a different take on the offense. 

First off, can we address the fact that Case Keenum was signed before Cam. Yes, this is the same Case Keenum who led the Vikings to a playoff run, but this is also the same Case Keenum who has played for 8 teams in the last 8 seasons. Bringing in Cam will provide a true veteran leader who has experience in a winning franchise as well as bringing a new era of swagger, that can be backed up with his playing ability that could bring back the life to the team, that Case just doesn’t have.

Additionally, by signing Cam, this would be the true test for Baker as being his 3rd season with the team, would be the ultimate test to see if the Bake Show has been smoke and mirrors this whole time. Though Baker has never been one for cracking under pressure, this may be a positive type of pressure for Baker to either put up or shut up with the lurking veteran Newton looking to claim that QB1 spot. 

Lastly, by having a QB that could also play the 3 spot in the NBA, opens up your offense in so many different ways by being able to have a guy who is not only 6’5 and can see over everyone on the field, but his mobility as a big man brings a new weapon to the table, by having a true mobile QB spread the field out and really make the defense stay alert and ready. 

There always comes a point in life, where you can’t keep telling yourself things are okay and you just have to face the music. As a die hard Baker fan, it hurts me to think Baker could be spending time next to Coach Stefanski on the sidelines this season, as bringing in a experienced and proven player like Cam could be a huge piece of the puzzle needed to solve the mess that is this team. Looking at the new draftees as well as their current talent as well as free agency, on paper, this would be a playoff caliber team, but what do I know. I’m just a hopeless sports romantic. 


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