Top Of The Morning! We Have Live Sports……We Are Officially Back

Golf is back! More importantly, live sporting events are back! No more watching replays. We back.

Quick breakdown on the tee times this morning:

The first group goes off at 7:50 AM and most of the morning is boring. Lefty is teeing off at 8:30ish but besides that, not much hype in the morning group.

The 1:44 tee time and on will be so awesome. I’m nervous because I don’t know if I remember how to watch sports. It’s like I’m starting all over again.

Bubba, Rickie, Speith, JT, Kiz, Jon Rahm, Brooks, and Kuuuch. Come on. We’re watching some all time greats going at it this afternoon. And that’s not even mentioning Rory or DJ.

Unfortunately, Tiger Woods isn’t in the tournament. Sucks but I get it.

For all of you gambling addicts. Tomorrow is the day we get it all back. If golf isn’t your thing, I will give you a “double your net worth” win of the weekend. The betting lines are starting out at

Rory is going to be hot pick. But a “double your net worth” value pick is Brooks Koepka. Throw down 10 bucks and boom. 300 bucks by Sunday afternoon.

Course Check:

It looks amazing. But some some quick information you need to know about the course that I found on Wikipedia-

One glaring thing that pops out to me is that the length of the course is 7,209 yards. To most of you that might seem pointless. I’ll put it in perspective. The white tees at Wesburn are like 5500 yards. And the white tees at Carleton Glen are like 5800. These guys can SMOKE the ball down the course. It’s unbelievable.

We’ve made it and sports are back. I know it’s not the NBA or the MLB. But it seems like Golf is at an all time high for popularity. Ive never seen courses so packed this spring. I know Covid has a lot to do with that but I’ve been seeing people who NEVER golf talk about golf like they are a caddie on the tour. It’s crazy. But we’re back!

P.S- if Adam the Simpsonator makes another sarcastic remark about real sports being back and this blog…………………………………………… you don’t even want to know.


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