This Time It’s For Real- 2020 Monroe County Fair CANCELED

Honestly…….. you should have seen this coming. I’ve said once and I’ll say it again… the richest people in the world(NBA, MLB, NHL Owners) gave up BILLIONS of dollars to suspend their seasons back in March and are still not making money. Sports have never been canceled like they were. So, if that happens, you have to think, the Monroe County Fair will be canceled. And here we are. Canceled.

I know the Internet was in a buzz like 2 weeks when an article was surfacing about a “Monroe County Fair” being canceled and people were not happy. Come to find out, it was a Monroe County Fair in Chicago. But everyone had a sense of relief knowing it wasn’t our Monroe County Fair.

Not any more.

The event of the summer that indicates school is right around the corner but you and the boys…..or girls…. still have a solid month left of summer vacation.

The event you pay 10 bucks for a ticket just go get fair food for dinner.

Or go watch the demolition derby, tracker pull, tractor derby….

The event that somehow always pull a massive county singer that I think “why would they play the Monroe County Fair?”

We will miss you County Fair… but all you die hard Monroe County Fair fans that don’t like sports. This is exactly how all of us felt when Covid took the NCAA tournament from us. And the NBA playoffs. And the Detroit Tigers.

Eventually the fair will pass and you will forget about it and will he ready to move onto the fall!


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