NASCAR Bans Confederate Flag From All Events and Properties

Fuckin’ right. This is a no-brainer and is absolutely the right move.

Just one day after Bubba Wallace requested that the rebel flag be banned, NASCAR pulled the trigger and prohibited the stars and bars from all events and series properties. If you fly the rebel flag you are either A.) racist B.) ignorant or, most likely, C.) both of the above.

The people that are even worse are the people in the north, who have always lived in the north, who have never been south of the Mason Dixon, flying two confederate flags off of their piece of shit, jacked up F-150. You’re a fucking loser dude. Buy a muffler.

For those that need a quick history lesson, the Confederate flag was the flag used by the south, or the Confederacy, during the Civil War. And not to spoil the ending, but the Confederacy got they asses kicked by the Union.

So why are you flying the flag of a loser? Why are you flying the flag of something that doesn’t exist anymore? A, B and most likely C from above.

I mean, when George Washington and the boys fisted Great Britain in the Revolutionary War were there a bunch of dumbfucks running around with King George t-shirts? Hell nah. How many Nazi flags did you see after the H-man painted the ceiling? Not many.

Woah, we went down a rabbit hole there. But you get my point, right?

Good for NASCAR for making this decision so quickly. No hesitation. No deliberation. To me, the quick action says ‘no shit guys, we should have done this a long time ago.’


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