My Top 5 Call of Duty Games of All-Time

Arguably one of the best-selling franchises of all time, Call of Duty holds a special place in our hearts. Known for having some of the most memorable maps in the gaming community, as well as the expansive gun and character customization abilities, Call of Duty seems to never fail to deliver. This list accounts for those memorable maps, new features, and memorable weapons.

5. Call of Duty 3

Being the first Call of Duty I ever played, Call of Duty 3 did a fantastic job of telling the story of the post-D-Day assault as they push their way through Europe to retake and free France, as well as forming a bond with both your character and your fellow AI squadmates. For a game that was released in 2006, the graphics and gameplay proved to be ahead of its time, as well as the dramatic cut scenes that would add to the suspense of battle. Even 14 years later, this is a game I would still replay to this day.

4. Call of Duty: World at War

World at War is another timeless class, that I feel a lot of people sleep on, when it comes to debating which Call of Duty’s are superior. Coming in at #4, World at War brought us the most well-beloved game modes of all time: Nazi Zombies, that one could argue, is what made the franchise what it is today. With this, after releasing the first original Modern Warfare, the franchise went back to its roots of being a World War 2 shooter, but spiced it up by being take in the Pacific theater as well. World at War gave us a new gameplay of combat whether, it was surviving your way through the trenches and tunnels of Japan, fighting your way to Berlin, or for the first time as well, being able to blow the limbs of the enemies, this game gave this series a new life with its revamped World War 2 games for its time. Not to mention, introducing us to the heroic Viktor Reznov.

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Though a majority of people play these types of games strictly for the multiplayer, I however, am a sucker for a good campaign, regardless of what type of game it is. For whatever, reason I had a feeling after seeing trailers and leaks, that this Call of Duty was going to be special and it didn’t disappoint. Being one of the best story telling and interactive campaigns in the series, Modern Warfare delivers an excellent prequel to the Modern Warfare series. Not only this, but Modern Warfare’s multiplayer blew up with its own battle pass, top battle royale game, Warzone, and constantly updated multiplayer modes such as the beloved Shipment 24/7 mode and even the comeback of being able to play on the remastered version of Rust.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops

Nothing highlighted my time throughout junior high quite like the release of this goldie. Introducing us to another love and beloved character that is Frank Woods, this amped up the series by taking it back to eh Cold War, as well as adding a new twist to the multiplayer. This campaign took a new turn for the better, by following a Russian, brainwashed Alex Mason who tries to remember his journey fighting in Vietnam to remember a code to stop Russian sleep agents from deploying nerve gas in the US. While giving us memorable characters like Bowman, Jason Hudson, and the return of Reznov, it was its multiplayer that was separated it from others in the series. Giving us new modes like Gun Game and One in the Chamber, it was the games new ability to upgrade your weapons attachments and decals which really took the cake. This game took a different approach by rather than gaining XP you earn virtual cash and with that use it to put on new attachments and other decorative items. Not only this but, Black Ops gave us the memorable gamplay of playing as the former Presidents to defend the Pentagon from zombies, using the rover on Ascension, or freezing your butt of in the arctic on the set of a George Romero zombie movie on one of their DLC’s. Oh, and let us not forget that the original Black Ops brought the best map of all time, Nuketown.

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This game needs no introduction, as this was the game that arguably set the tone for what the Call of Duty series was too be. With having one of the most memorable campaigns, as well as most memorable maps, no Call of Duty or game for that matter, could compare to Modern Warfare 2 had to offer. With infamous moments such as going undervoer as a Russian terrorist shooting up an airport or the heartbreaking loss of Task 141 member Ghost, the Modern Warfare 2 campaign again brought a new aspect of combat as this game brings the battle to the US to stop a Russian invasion, with a corrupt US General overseeing the fight. Possibly being one of the best multiplayer’s of all time, Modern Warfare 2 brought us the timeless maps of Terminal, Afghan, and Karachi, as well as some of the most OP guns in the series, including the SCAR, Barrett .50, AK-47, and the O.G. FAMAS.


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