Breaking News! With The 1st Pick In The 2020 MLB Draft The Detroit Tigers Select

The MLB draft is tonight at 7PM on ESPN and the Detroit Tigers have the number one pick. This is a great day for any Tiger fan because most of the time the number 1 pick is going to be a stud.

For example:

Sure, some of those guys aren’t all timers but more times than not the number 1 pick hits. the stretch from 2005-2012 is great news for Tiger fans.

The Tigers are building a championship team right in front of our eyes. The last 5 drafts have been A++ for us.

Matt Manning- just signed with Scott Bores. Only superstars do that.
Alex Faedo- He went to Florida and reminds me of Max Scherzer without the gas… yet.
Casey Mize- Number 1 pick on the 2018 Draft. Didn’t give up a run until his 5th minor league start. As a starter
Riley Greene- 5th pick in last years draft and was already hitting bombs off pro pitching in Spring Training this season pre-Covid

That brings us to the 2020 draft. The Tigers have the first pick in the draft and we have some really great options. It’s going to be a different draft since Covid has limited the draft to a total of 5 rounds. Normally it’s a 50 round draft.

My personal opinion, we need a power bat. We have plenty of great arms coming up in the system but we don’t have enough super star power at the plate.

That leads to one guy- Spencer Torkelson

Check out this highlight video from ONE weekend worth of games.

Since Miggy is shifting to DH… 1B is a major priority for us. Brandon Dixon doesn’t get the job done. Tork will be a very athletic 1st baseman and could play some left/right field if need be. He hit a ton of bombs in college and broke some records.

The first guy that pops into my head when I watch him play is Paul Goldschmidt.

If the Tigers don’t take Tork at number one it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Austin Martin is going to be a stud as well.

The little tape I watched on Martin was obvious.. He will be the next Ian Kinsler, Dustin Perdroia blend of player. So, if the Tigers take this path, I would love it. We’re in a good spot and I’m excited to see what happens. It’s Primetime TV tonight 7PM!


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