Custer Statue sparks Debate in Monroe County, Michigan – What if we replaced it?

Now, if you don’t know the history of George Custer just read the sign above to get an idea. The sign leaves out after his contributions to the Civil War effort he may have been “over zealous” (to say the least) in his next assignment of getting the Native Americans out west rounded up. In the end, Custer got his comeuppance at the Little Big Horn during what is now known as “Custer’s Last Stand”. No one from his Calvary lived to tell the tale.Learn more about it here: – I’ve actually visited the site of The Battle of the Little Big Horn and highly recommend everyone from this area to visit, really eye opening.

So, after we learn about Custer’s mucky past it’s really easy to see why some people would like the statue removed. Even, if you don’t agree that it is the best course of action, you must admit you can see why there is a petition with more than 3,000 signatures asking for it’s removal.

Now, I think if they removed the statue, we will need to replace it. After 100 years of the statue standing there the site would look naked if we didn’t replace it with someone else. Now, I did my digging and found the perfect replacement for General Custer, another Monroe Michigan Icon, Christie Brinkley.

Christie Brinkley Partners with Merz to Share Her Approach to ...

I think Christie would reinforce the idea that you can come from Monroe, Michigan and still make it to the big time. She has not contributed to the genocide of any group of people, nor has she committed any war crimes nor regular crimes that I know of. She was the first person to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 3x in a row. That’s like Brett Farve in the 90s! Let’s replace General Custer with Christie Brinkley.


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