America’s Favorite Food Chains

This map created by Barstool has the Internet in a buzz right now. This picture got 29K retweet’s on twitter and 18K likes. The picture is going viral and if this is the first time you are seeing this, you probably have some questions about it.

Like what the hell is Jollibee and no way that is the favorite food chain in Michigan? Or it’s impossible for IOWA to have In-N- Out!

That’s because it’s fake. The whole thing was made up to get a stir out of people and I think the mission was accomplished. It’s a click bait picture. You’ve all seen that crazy headline on Facebook and you click it and it’s a weird looking guy saying “got ya”

This is what this picture is and it got a lot of people. You got, got!

I mean Chuck E Cheese is the favorite for 3 states? Lol.

Pizza Hut and Dominos for N.Dakota and S.Dakota respectfully. Olive Garden is the favorite for New York and Boston Market for Massachusetts. It’s crazy once you dive into the map.

If we’re being honest, McDonalds is probably number 1 for most states. Gimme those Arches baby!


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