Welcome To June

Day 83 without sports.

I didn’t think I could make 10 days but here we are, needing sports more than ever.

Here is a blog from back when this pandemic started- https://lifetakes.blog/2020/03/15/day-4-no-sports/

I miss March Madness.

But, I want to paint a picture of what should be happening on June 1.

Probably would be Game 2 of the NBA Finals tonight. Game wouldn’t start until 9:00 and it wouldn’t get completely dark outside until the 2nd quarter. Lebron and AD would be playing against the Bucks and the Greek freak. Come on.

We’re missing out on all time matchups and games. Lebron vs KD is like Jordan vs Kobe in the finals.

We’re missing out on Lebron bullying Steph Curry.

And that’s just ONE sport.

If tonight is Game 2 of the NBA finals then tomorrow night would probably be Game 5 of the Stanley Cup. I’m not even a hockey guy but I tune in for the playoffs. Unlike Hockey hardos, I’m not afraid to admit that hockey playoffs and especially the Stanley Cup, is a must watch. For some reason they all love to bash the NBA & the playoffs and get defensive when you bring up the NBA and NHL playoffs in the same sentence. (NBA playoffs are so much better) either way we should be watching hockey tomorrow night.

The most relatable sporting event everyone in Metro Detroit would be a great night at Comerica Park and downtown Detroit. Something that you can set your watch too and know would always be there every night. A Tigers game.

That summer skyline at Comerica is probably the best in all of baseball.

Golf isn’t for everyone.

I know that.

But everyone enjoys a Sunday afternoon watching these guys. And you’re lying if you say you don’t.

Just keep telling yourself- sports in the fall will be legendary…. sports in the fall will be legendary…… sports in the fall will be legendary.


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