Top 20 Music Video Countdown – 10 – 6

Welcome back to the Top 20 Music Video Countdown. Here at LifeTakes LLC., we feel that given the events that occurred last week, it probably wasn’t a great idea to put out stupid, hopefully funny blogs like this. But we’re back now and we hope you enjoy this blog.

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Fun fact of the blog:

The artist with the most number ones in the history of VH1 Top 20 Music Video Countdown is Taylor Swift. Quite a few number of bangers out there. But the question needs to be asked, if the countdown was still a thing in 2020, would anyone pass her? I feel like someone like Ariana Grande may have but we’ll never know! This fact brings us right to #10 on the countdown (what a transition)

#10 – You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift released in 2009

Love this video by Taylor, but also hate her in it. She is the high school band nerd that’s in love with the jock, right? Well he’s always with the popular chick, then at the end of the video, she’s like “oh you brought a piece of paper to prom, I love you”. Get that shit out of here. Taylor should’ve just torn up the dance floor with all the saxophone players. Anyways…..this has a billion views on YouTube and spent 3 weeks at #1.

#9 – Take On Me by a-ha released in 1986

This was a fan submitted video on my Instagram. Initially was not going to include it in the countdown, but after watching it and reading about it, this pretty much was one of the pioneer music videos. Take On Me has more than a billion views on YouTube and it went to the MTV Music Video Awards and won: Best New Artist in a Video, Best Concept Video, Most Experimental Video, Best Direction, Best Special Effects, and Viewer’s Choice.

#8 – Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne released in 2003

What a classic music video. As a kid, this was definitely one of the best videos out there. The video spent 2 weeks at #1 in 2003, probably should’ve spent a little more there, but I get it, little inappropriate for the children. Currently, Stacy’s Mom sits at over 121 million YouTube views. RIP to the Fountains of Wayne lead singer who passed away 2 months ago from COVID-19.

#7 – Toxic by Britney Spears released in 2004

In my opinion, it’s the hottest music video of all-time. Just have to call it as I see it. Reading some blogs and articles on it, I’m not alone with that opinion. Apparently, since the video was so scandalous, critics did not want to give it any awards and not many TV companies wanted to play it because of complaints from parents. Toxic currently has over 447 million views on YouTube.

#6 – Here It Goes Again by OK Go released in 2005

Honestly I feel like this video was one of the most innovative videos ever. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure they did the whole video in one camera shot. Which if that’s the case, that is extremely impressive to get through the routine perfectly and not mess up. Here It Goes Again has more than 51 million views on YouTube and was a pop culture phenomena at it’s release.

Hopefully you’re enjoying the countdown. We wrap up the top 5 this week, send me a message on Instagram what you think the top 5 is @Simpsonati


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