Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself – Jake Taylor

Really, allow me to re-introduce myself. I am currently a catcher/infielder/outfielder in the Chicago Cubs organization after being selected in the 32nd round of the 2019 MLB draft. What a journey it has been. I attended Old Dominion University where I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. For those who have no idea where or what Old Dominion is, Justin Verlander went there (claim to fame). I attended St. Mary Catholic Central high school where I played basketball, baseball, and football. With that being said, let’s jump right into my first PlayerTake.

PLAY MULTIPLE SPORTS. Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Russell Wilson, the list goes on. Some on the best athletes to ever grace this earth all played multiple sports. Personally, I was verbally committed To the University of Toledo to play basketball before deciding to take the baseball route. Old Dominion offered me based on raw baseball ability but most importantly, my athleticism while playing other sports. Brent Mossburg is a great local name to mention. Currently a defensive end at Michigan State, the kid did it all. Running track, playing basketball, baseball, and football!? There is no question that by doing all of those, he became a better football player. The blog isn’t long enough to name all the pros of playing multiple sports but it prevents injuries since you’re using different muscle groups to perform, become a better teammate from different experiences, but most importantly the memories are unbelievable. Wins and losses come and go but the memories with friends and teammates last forever.

I was approached by S. Mojito while streaming on twitch to join LifeTakes as a “Players Tribune” Blogger. There are plenty of stories that come along with being a professional athlete that I am excited to eventually share with all of you. My first Spring Training was cut short but man oh man did I learn a lot. Unfortunately, no one knows if baseball will be coming back but I sure hope it does. Once we receive word on the season, expect a blog shortly after. Thank you for allowing me to re-introduce myself. And always, Go Cubs!


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