The End of a Coaching Era

Legendary NCAA 14 College Football Head Coach Sean Eirons has announced he will be departing with the school after an incredible 30 year tenure with the University of Toledo football program. Leaving with a 415-32 record to accommodate bringing home 10 National Championships to Northwest Ohio, he redefined the game with his up-tempo, pistol-set, west coast-styled offense. With that, it may not of had its players on the top of the leader boards stats wise, its design makes for a quick moving game that can march you down the field fast and effectively.

“I cannot thank this university, as well as this town enough. To see where we started, to where we are now, this is something they will be talking about for awhile. However, it is time to pass on this legacy to someone new, who will carry this tradition on. I felt this was the best time to make this change in my career, as I felt it was time to move on and continue the this legacy that I have brought to this program from hard hard working players and our dedicated fans. I will forever cherish these last 30 seasons and all the wonderful memories they brought.” said the coach in his exiting interview.

Final coaching stats at Toledo

The 66 year old coach of 7 Heisman winners and who played every single snap both sides of the ball (with the exception of his final two seasons), has confirmed through multiple sources he has signed a 5 year deal as Head Coach of the TCU Horned Frogs. “Like Michael going to Washington or Brady going to Tampa Bay, I again felt like this was the right choice and time to make this move in my career, before they force me to retire at age 70 and you have to create a new character,” Eirons was quoted on. The former Toledo coach ended his career there with perfect, undefeated season and winners of the 2044 Fiesta Bowl.

The social media buzz had been flourishing for weeks to come, about various speculations about if the future Hall of Famer would leave the program for a new change of scenery. The fans have been raving about the programs new hire, as Eirons mentioned this is a great time to bring a new life to the fans and program here in Fort Worth.

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