Party Of The Summer Canceled! Faster Horses Gets Pushed Back One Year

You had to of see this coming. Literally everything in the world has been shut down or canceled and Faster Horses finally follows suit.

I kept wondering to myself…. “wow I can’t imagine faster horses going on, thats going to be coronaville.” I know some of you really thought this would go on.

I mean look at that crowd. We can’t have that with what is going on.

I don’t know if the lineup will be the same next year but I think it will be a possibility because none of those singers will be having concerts any time soon. So, it makes sense for them to at least have one booked and ready to go.

I went to Faster Horses one time, 4 years ago, it was crazy. One of the more intense weekends of my life and it felt like it was a week long. I felt like I was a contestant on Naked and Afraid without the naked part.

My everyday routine:

Wake up


Walk around and party in the sun

Go to a heavyweight concert

Drink $15 bud lights

Leave concert and find a party.


Terrible night of sleep

Wake up. Rinse. Repeat.


Biggie said it best, all Faster Horses is


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