Top 20 Music Video Countdown – 20 – 16

Music videos were something I grew up on. Once I graduated from the Saturday morning cartoon phase, the next 8-15 years of my life was music videos. They are also the best thing to pre-game to before going out to bars or post-bars when you are trying to wind down. The next week or so, we will be doing a top 20 music video of all-time countdown. Today, we feature videos 20-16. One thing to note with this countdown is there are ZERO country music videos. Also I did take fan suggestions on my Instagram @Simpsonati, so feel free to message me on there what you think!

Music video fun fact of the blog:

The song with the most weeks in VH1’s Top 20 Countdown is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls when they were in the countdown for 35 weeks. That is freaking impressive when there are new music videos being released weekly. Also, small side note, I was in a Goo Goo Dolls behind the music video on VH1 when my aunt used to work there.

#20 – Gangnam Style by Psy released in 2012

I know what you’re all thinking… “Really, Gangnam Style? That song is the worst!”. Well guess what? It has 3.6 billion views on YouTube and every single person knows how to do the Gangnam Style dance. HEYYYYYYYYYYYY SEXYYYYY LADYYYYYY *whoop whoop*.

#19 – Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus released in 2014

This song might be one of the most meme’d music videos of all-time. Seriously, go back in time on Twitter and check out how often people but out memes to this song. Miley looks great in this music video, it’s a super emotional song, really cool effects, which when you combine them all together, they make a great video. On YouTube the video currently has 1 billion+ views and without doing a ton of research, I am pretty sure she preformed this at multiple award shows.

#18 – Beverly Hills by Weezer released in 2005

When you get to older videos like this, don’t put a ton of stock in the YouTube view counts. This has 53 million views on YouTube and spent 1 week at #1 in the Top 20 Countdown. What makes this video so great is the whole concept behind it, Weezer playing a show on the lawn of the Playboy Mansion with bunnies and Hugh Hefner (RIP) partying their butts off.

#17 – Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance released in 2005

Pretty much anything involving World War II I am going to watch and love. This video costed $1,000,000 which at it’s time was one of the most expensive videos to make. I love the effects in the video of them on the dance floor with their women, celebrating one more time before they go to war, only for the waves and beach to come into scene. The video is capped with the bassist of the song getting shot and Gerard Way (lead singer) having an emotional breakdown on the beach and at the bar. God bless My Chemical Romance and I think everyone is sad we didn’t get to see their reunion tour this year.

#16 – Jack Sparrow by Lonely Island released in 2011

Lonely Island had to have a spot in this countdown and it was between this or I’m On A Boat. The thing that I love most about this video is Michael Bolton. Obviously that’s the whole concept of this song, but when they first cut to Michael Bolton as Jack Sparrow I laugh my ass off every time. Then when they show him as the other characters it becomes even better. This video has 210 million views on YouTube and appeared on Saturday Night Live.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first 5 videos! On Friday, I will be releasing another blog of videos 15-11, so until then, go on YouTube and check out some of your favorite videos and send them to me on Instagram @simpsonati


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