Michigan Dips Hand Back Into Free Agency & Steal Wake Forest SF- Chaundee Brown

Another week in quarantine, another Michigan transfer.

Chaundee Brown becomes the third player to transfer to the University of Michigan and Juwan Howard during this pandemic.

Michigan will try and request immediate eligibility for Brown since Wake Forest fired his coach, NBA great, Danny Manning. He would help tremendously this upcoming season, if allowed. But, if he can’t play and has to sit a year, Michigan is going to be very very lucky to have him for the 2021-2022 season. The Wolverines are expecting to have a extremely young roster.

Brown has started 73 of 84 career games and has had becoming more of a scorer the older he’s become.

LifeTakes scouting report: He is a glue guy who can do multiple things for a good team. Someone who can defend other teams best players and get important rebounds when they mean the most. He can score and might even have quiet 25 point games here and there but his M.O. won’t be scoring or shooting. He can slash and get to the rim when needed. He will knock down an occasional three from the corner but that’s about it. From watching him, he is most comparable to Charles Matthews. From his size to the way he plays the game and if he has to sit a year, he will help the same way Charles did with his leadership.

Overall, this was another big get for Juwan and company, to help filter the missed opportunities he had with the recent 5 stars who didn’t pick Michigan and the one who decided to go pro. Juwan won’t be able to win long term this way and will have to start landing some recruits but these transfers will help Michigan stay afloat the next two seasons.

Stay tuned for next weeks new transfer!

Remember, keep social distancing. We’re at like day 75,000 of no sports but I think we’re getting close to having the MLB and NBA back!!!


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