Families forced to “stay-at-home” now asked to evacuate in Mid-Michigan due to dam failure.

The Edensville dam in Gladwin Country has been completely breached. Due to massive amount of rainfall in the area over the past few days has caused the dam, built in 1924 to give way. The dam holds back Wixom Lake that has all but been dried up due to the failure.

This has caused massive amounts of flood water to dramatically flow down the Tittabawassee River with large debris having a full head of steam. The Sanford dam is now in danger of also being compromised.

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch for the locations along the Titt, short for Tittabawassee, stuff you learn attending Northwood University for 4 years. People in the towns of Edensville, Sanford, and Midland are being asked to evacuate.

Midland High and the Midland Mall are being set up as shelter for those families forced to evacuate providing: beds, water, and food.

Downtown Midland flooding is not anything new to the City of Modern Explorers as the flood of 1986 still looms in its recent history, but this image looms close to home for all that have spent time vacationing, studying, or living within the city limits.

Keep the people and the cities effected by this natural phenomenon in your thoughts and prayers during these times. Scary times happening in a place that holds close to the best for me.


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