Michigan Government Has Created Its Own Hunger Games Map

I think it’s pretty unfair that they didn’t divide the upper peninsula into at least two “regions”.. if we have to go to war with each other, that’s a big advantage for them. BIG TIME for us in Monroe County to get bunched in with Detroit. In a War of regions, I’ll happily ride the coat tails of Detroit to a victory. Jackson and Lansing got screwed over on size. The government just gave them a region to make them happy. Big time sleepers are the GR, Saginaw, KZOO, and Traverse City regions. All have a lot of strength and would take out Lansing, and Jackson in a blink of an eye. The favorites are without a question the U.P and Detroit. I think we all know who would win in a battle royale between Yoopers and Detroiters.

I honestly gasped when I saw a picture of how small Peter is in real life.

If you love the Hunger Games, here is the United States mapped out for you.

I know what you are thinking and yes. District 11 would win and it wouldn’t even be close. I think they could come up with a much better system.

I know some people might actually think the government is doing this but the real reason for the hunger game map is for reopening the state back up from Corona. Whitmer announced today that region 6 & 8 will reopen this week. Just in time for every single person who lives in regions 1,2,3,4,5,7 to go up north for the weekend!


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