Is the Handshake in jeopardy?

Playoff handshake line a winning tradition

Everywhere I look whether it’s in a store or in a park while practicing social distancing as much as I can – I notice that people are actually afraid to make eye contact let alone come into close physical contact with someone. I found this article after Danger told me that he thought the handshake might be dead after he saw what President The Donald said, “frankly, much of the guidelines like shaking hands — maybe people aren’t going to be shaking hands anymore,” Trump said. “You know, Tony had mentioned to me, Tony Fauci, the other day that — I don’t think he would be too upset with the concept of not shaking hands.” – USA Today Article

Now I’m not a politics guy but I am a handshake guy, so I looked up the article and read it and did what most people should do, completely forgot about it and moved on to better more productive/important things.

I went on ahead and binged the entire series of Pirates of the Caribbean, it took longer than I anticipated but it was amazing if you were wondering. I haven’t watched the movies since I was just a lad – I will say both, (in true Disney fashion) the lessons the movies had and the adult innuendos were some things I didn’t catch as a kid but now I can appreciate.

Now, I was in the beginning of P.O.C At Worlds End when I was watching this scene when I had a realization. Just watch the video from the 30-40 second marks.

Only video I could find with the lead up to the fight scene that soon follows

When Captain Barbossa reminded Elizabeth to bow before the Singapore pirate guy they were there to meet it clicked in my head. What happens if we don’t have the handshake anymore? How will you greet friends, business associates, family members you don’t know all to well, strangers, etc? Well, I think we have the answer and ironically its been a human tradition since ancient times. All sorts of cultures have used variations of bowing.

Now, a little before Quarantine started I began to dabble in the world of Yoga/Meditation – it’s very interesting stuff but don’t worry I won’t try to sell you on that today. But, this lady I found ‘Yoga With Adriene‘ on the YouTube – she’s my guru, my quarantine yoga instructor, a wizard – she’s got 7.6 million subscribers on YouTube and growing. Anyways, I could write a whole blog about her and her channel but there’s already a bunch of them on the interweb, so I’ll be quick – She’s awesome because ‘she’s chill AF’ as the kids would say – her favorite line is, “find what feels good” and she doesn’t try to get you to do the pose perfectly to the point you injure yourself. Anyways, she’s the goat check her out if you’re interested in Yoga but don’t know where to begin.

Why All Your Friends Are Obsessed With 'Yoga With Adriene'
Adriene (above) almost always ends her videos in a bow, (most Yoga videos do*) whether it’s a deep bow like from the hip or a subtle bow from the shoulders/chest.

If you haven’t seen this YouTube Video before, your welcome. This was before Corona – but these drunken Canadian real life Trailer Park Boy’s were the OG’s of popularizing the bow in the America’s. Check out the first two minutes for some world class curtseys.

In conclusion, from what Danger Dave said to me during our run, to The Pirates of the Caribbean, to President Trump’s remarks and throw in a Yoga YouTube Icon and some Drunk Canadians – and I have come to the conclusion that the handshake might not make it through Corona and the bow is making a come back. What’s old is new again as they say.

As for me, I’m really looking forward to getting the boys back together after Corona 2020 passes.

will smith handshake GIF

Also, one of the best handshakes in cinema history


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