Matthew Stafford List Bloomfield Township Home For A Smooth $6.5 Million

That’s My Quarterback!!!

Unlike TO, I’m jacked up for Stafford. He had a BANGER of a house in the Bloomfield Hills area.

That front yard/back yard combo goes up against any professional athlete. Imagine having a crib like this…. in Michigan….. on a Lake…. come on

I mean…… that pool.

But, just when we thought Matthew couldn’t get any cooler….

He has a half court gym in his house and the floor is from the Pistons old court when they played at the SILVERDOME!!!

If you consider yourself a fan of Detroit in just the tiniest amount, how can you not LOVE Matt Stafford?! He’s been the best QB in Detroit Lions history and could care less if management gets him any talent or help. He just goes out, every Sunday, and balls. While, also rocking Detroit Tiger hats and sitting courtside at Pistons games. The guy loves Detroit.

Let’s get back on track. The Stafford’s listing their dream house for sale and it’s not cheap. $6.5 million. While the common person will instantly think “Stafford is leaving the Lions” or “Stafford is getting traded”

Kelly Stafford took to Instagram to calm everyone down.

Matthew and his family have spent the beginning of quarantine in their California home and have recently shifted quarantine to their Atlanta home.

Such a baller move to have 3 homes. Love it.

All in all, people are craving sports and will jump on any little news and just run with it. Matthew Stafford is a Detroit Lifer if it’s up to him and he’s my Quarterback.

P.S- Everyone should remember that math equation Stafford did on the TJ Lang show because we have nothing else to do.

But, if you haven’t heard, it was fake. Of course it was fake. No body can just answer “what is 9483 X 638?” Without a calculator. Matthew loves the thrill of a prank and I Love it!

Here are some pics of the King and Queen of Detroit.

And good luck selling that absolute banging crib.


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