Michigan Basketball Steals Nojel Eastern From Purdue

I’m a bit shocked right now. I wasn’t expecting Michigan basketball breaking news on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of a global pandemic, but here we are.

Nojel Eastern is transferring to Michigan and Juwan Howard adds another senior transfer to his roster. It makes sense, since Howard missed out on a couple 5 star recruits and Isaiah Todd went pro. Creating a couple open scholarship slots.

A few weeks ago Michigan snagged up Mike Smith from Columbia University. He will take Zavier Simpson’s position and I believe is the main reason why David Dejuiles transferred to Cincinnati. He is a 5th year senior who will help immediately with scoring and leadership on the court. My scouting report- he is going to be just as good as Simpson but will be able to score at a much easier clip.

Back to Nojel.

He is going to be a senior with a lot of experience. Michigan needs that with Simpson and Jon Teske graduating. Plus, Dejuiles and Colin Castelton transferring. Also, a player John Beilien recruited, Cole Bajema, has entered the transfer portal, who I really liked but never got a chance this past season.

Nojel is a 6’7 point guard.

Yes a 6 foot 7 inch PG. We’re talking Magic Johnson type of body. He is a lefty and can get to the rim. He’s always going to create a mismatch problem because a guard is usually guarding him.

If you take a look at his career stats, nothing crazy. But, the rebounds, assists, and steals are the stats that pop out to me. He’s a glue guy who will help do the small things during a basketball game. We don’t need him to score.

As you can guess, Purdue fans are not happy with this move. They will try and tell you “he’s not very good” or “ good luck with that attitude” they will say anything to make it seem like this isn’t a good move. But the bottom line is, he will make Michigan better. He adds much needed depth, and experience. Plus, he is already accustomed to Big Ten play.

Keep working hard Juwan!

Life take- Don’t grow up and be petty like Matt Painter. Nojel will be the second Purdue player to transfer this off season and naturally if you were the coach, of course dyou will be a little upset. But just like Juwan Howard did this off season and John Beilen did in the past.. Wish the kid good luck. Don’t be like Matt Painter and whine and act like a pre-Madonna. Here is his quote.

Hey, Matt! You didn’t act like this when Spike Albrecht, an ALL TIME Michigan player, transferred to Purdue! Grow up, buddy!


2 thoughts on “Michigan Basketball Steals Nojel Eastern From Purdue

  1. He has potential but Painter’s quote is taken out of context. He said you can’t blame others if you aren’t willing to put in the work.

    He did not graduate from Purdue, will have to redshirt which means a scholarship for 2 years.

    Can definitely be a glue guy, but is often more frustrating than anything.

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    1. Fair. I was reading that he might be able to take a few summer classes and graduate. Which could make him a graduate transfer. Overall, very interesting that he transferred to Michigan.


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