I Just Saw Aliens

You are going to have to trust me on this one but I just saw aliens!

Technically maybe a UFO.

It’s a clear sky right now and I looked up and saw three airplanes.

Started thinking those airplanes are flying pretty close to each other.

Then started thinking, why are they going completing dark and then flashing lights on the side of the plane?

Like blinking white lights and then straight darkness… blinking light…. darkness.

First plane was a little farther ahead of the other two… but the last two were kind of close to each other. I was still thinking airplanes.

Then, I saw a real airplane… with headlights on… with a lot more Lighting on the side… and it never went completely dark.

UFO!!!!!! 3 of them!!!

If Men and Black come to my house tonight and flash me with a memory laser, at least I got my story out.


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