NFL Team Totals and Props Have Been Posted

NFL team totals and props bets have been posted and I am fully erect.

There have not been real live sports on television since conference hoops tournaments were cancelled in early March. It’s mid-May so it doesn’t take much to get the addict in us going again. The release of the NFL schedules was just what we needed.

Then the sports books were on the clock and today the team totals and prop bets came out on all the different platforms. I’m giddy! Here’s the over/under team numbers and my picks. Follow or fade, but don’t come crying when I take all of your money.

Arizona Cardinals, O/U 7 – Under

Atlanta Falcons, O/U 7.5 – Under

Baltimore Ravens, O/U 11.5 – Under

Buffalo Bills, O/U 9 – Over

Carolina Panthers, O/U 5.5 – Under

Chicago Bears, O/U 8.5 – Under

Cincinnati Bengals, O/U 5.5 – Over

Cleveland Browns, O/U 8.5 – Under

Dallas Cowboys, O/U 9.5 – Under

Denver Broncos, O/U 7.5 – Under

Detroit Lions, O/U 6.5 – Under

Green Bay Packers – No Total Listed

Houston Texans, O/U 7.5 – Over

Indianapolis Colts, O/U 8.5 – Under

Jacksonville Jaguars, O/U 5 – Under

Kansas City Chiefs, O/U 11.5 – Over

Oakland Raiders, O/U 7.5 – Under

San Diego Chargers, O/U 7.5 – Under

LA Rams, O/U 8.5 – Over

Miami Dolphins, O/U 6 – Under

Minnesota Vikings, O/U 9 – Over

New England Patriots, O/U 9 – Over

New Orleans Saints, O/U 10.5 – Under

New York Giants, O/U 6.5 – Over

New York Jets, O/U 6.5 – Under

Philadelphia Eagles, O/U 9.5 – Over

Pittsburgh Steelers, O/U 9 – Over

San Francisco 49ers, O/U 10.5 – Under

Seattle Seahawks, O/U 9.5 – Over

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, O/U 9.5 – Under

Tennessee Titans, O/U 8.5 – Under

Washington Redskins, O/U 5.5 – Under

No total for the Packers has me curious. Do the books know something that we don’t? Aaron Rodgers is worth about four wins over Jordan Love. Interesting. I’m so excited.


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