Breaking News: COVID-19 Update

Alright now that I have everyone’s attention, I just want to take a minute to write about what’s really important. I MISS TJ MAXX/MARSHALLS. HomeGoods frequently crosses my mind and some days I even have dreams about going into Target for one thing and leaving with $150 worth of stuff that I don’t need. It was the one consistent thing in my life and coronavirus had to go take it all away from me. I’ll even admit it… I get a little choked up every time I see those beautiful red words on a storefront knowing there’s aisles of useless stuff in there just waiting for me to buy. Having a bad day? Tj Maxx. Having a good day? Tj Maxx. Break up? Tj Maxx. New house? Tj Maxx. Bored? Tj freakin’ Maxx. The day Tj Maxx and Marshalls re-open, you better believe I’ll be there and I might even grab A CART. Not only am I going to pick up and admire that cute fake plant and smell 50 different candles BUT i’m going to buy the shit out of those candles and plants. My house is about to look like a 30-year-old suburban mom threw up all over it. If anyone else is feeling this way, please let me know. We can start a support group and I’ll bring the random healthy chips made of anything but potatoes (I still have an empty bag of sea salt flavored quinoa chips in my pantry to remind me of the good times). What I do know is that there’s hope on the horizons for us shopping addicts, the world is slowly re-opening and we’re all gonna need to keep doing our part to stay safe so we can have our sanctuary that is Tj Maxx back! Until then, my bank account will be happy but my heart will be empty.



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