2000’s Rap Lyrics – 5/6

After much consideration, I have decided to tone down the lyrics a couple notches. I just don’t think you’re ready for the nastiness and the filth that is 2000’s rap lyrics. You’ll get there but not yet. So here we go…

I got the sickest vendetta when it comes to my cheddar

(Redacted), if you play with my paper you gonna meet my Beretta

Now shorty think I’ma sweat her, sippin’ on Amaretto

I might hit once then dead her, I know I can do better

She look good, but I know she after my cheddar

She tryin’ to get in my pockets, homie, and I ain’t gonna let her

It’s 50, aka Ferrari F-50. Curtis Jackson III, AKA 50 Cent, makes his first appearance in this series with an absolute banger in Wanksta. This song dropped in 2002 as a bonus track on the best rap album of all time, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. It was also part of the soundtrack in a little film named ‘8 Mile’. It only reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 which is criminally low.

I get hyped right when that first chord drops. It just shows that if you have a mean track in the background you can rhyme cheddar with cheddar and nobody will care. I mean cheddar is money. Cool, got it. Throw in three other rhyming words and bring it right back to cheddar money. Poetry.

50 cent has to be on the short list of rappers that are not to be trifled with. If bullets don’t phase him, what makes you think that you have a chance? 50 had a great rap career but he really made his nut as a minority owner of Vitamin Water. When Coca-Cola bought the company in 2007, 50 cashed in to the tune of $100 million. Decent.

Music video jerseys include:

  • Kobe Bryant (NBA, Lakers #8, purple)
  • Allen Iverson (NBA, 76ers, black)
  • Tom Brady (NFL, Patriots, blue)
  • Unknown (MLB, Cubs, blue)
  • Unknown (MLB, Dodgers, white)

Kinda crazy that this song came out in 2002 and Tom Brady wore that same jersey last season.


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