If you think LeBron is better than Jordan, you’re a psychopath

10 Reasons Why Michael Jordan Is The Greatest Basketball Player ...

If you watched the first 6 episodes of ‘The Last Dance’ than you know that Jordan is from a different planet.  There’s maybe 1 or 2 people like that on this planet at one point I’d say. Jordan was just a winner. He didn’t voice his political opinions,  buy pizza joints, build schools or fire coaches.

Jordan loved his coaches. He didn’t want Krauss to fire Doug Collins for Phil Jackson but he fell in love with Jackson and ended up winning 6 Rings (thats 3 more as many as Bronny if you’re the counting type) and ended up retiring because he didn’t want to play for anyone but Phil Jackson.. He didn’t get coaches fired with pettiness and he didn’t sh*t on his teammates in front of the media, he saved that for the practice floor. When Krauss was eyeing another guy, or if the media compared someone to him, Jordan would simply dominate them into submission, leaving no doubt to who the Alpha was.

Jordan didn’t want anything to do with anything other than basketball, championships, sponsorships, gambling, golfing and stogies. He did everything in his power to be able to perform his best on the court to ensure the sponsorships came coming in. He covered up the Reebok logo during the Olymlics Gold Medal Ceremony because he is a loyal Nike Athlete (Marketing Major Porn).

LeBron on the other hand, is busy getting drunk on the bench during games (load management), making HBO shows, writing to himself on Instagram and making videos about Tacos. Jordan hated the media so much he retired twice. LeBron loves the media so much he became the media.

Also what sort of Beta takes another man’s jersey number? Like, you’re getting drafted out of High School to the NBA and they call you the Chosen One, you’d think you’d choose your own number. Ya know, like Kobe?

I could go all day about why Jordan is better. But there’s really only a few that matter, 1. 6/6 = 100% 3/9= 33% thats just f%#*ing math. 2. Jordan kept All Time Greats from winning Championships, everyone at least got one against LeBron. 3. Jordan beat guys in the Finals and then on the golf course and then  Alpha’d them into being in Space Jam. LeBron can’t get anyone to be in Space Jam. Like, Mike hated the media so much he retired, made a Hollywood Blockbuster, played a season of baseball and came back and won 3 Ships. 4. We all know Kawhi’s Clippers would have beat the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals

10 Reasons Why Michael Jordan Is The Greatest Basketball Player ...

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