2000’s Rap Lyrics – 5/3

We back with another 2000’s rap lyric. It’s a Sunday so we kept it pretty tame. Here we go.

Verse number two, do the damn thing

Cubes on my neck, pockets full of Ben Franks

When I’m in the mall, hoes just pause

I pop a few tags, give me that on the wall

Time to flip the work, make the block bump

Boys from the hood call me black Donald Trump

Another classic. This was a 2006 release by Jasiel Robinson, AKA Yung Joc, perfectly named It’s Goin’ Down. It’s a Nitti beat, which is mentioned a zillion times throughout the record. The song peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Calling hundred dollar bills ‘Ben Franks’ is awesome. I’m going to start calling singles ‘Georgie Dubs’. Maybe borrow an ‘Andy Jack’ for gas money.

I wonder if Joc’s boys are still calling him black Donald Trump. Gotta wonder if anything in the last 14 years has changed his nickname in the hood.

Music video jerseys include:

  • Peyton Manning (NFL, Colts blue)

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