Holy Shit Alex Smith’s Leg

Here’s you warning. Stop scrolling if you get queasy easy.

I knew Alex Smith broke his leg while playing for the Redskins in 2018. I had no idea about anything that came after the injury.

Nope. Legs aren’t supposed to bend like that cuzzie. No joint there.

Initial diagnosis; tib/fib, boff of ’em.

Yup. Got it. 1-for-1.

Alright last warning. Cover your eyes. Days later his leg looked like this…

and then later like this…

A little known network named ESPN has a pretty good article on the story if you feel inclined to check it out.

Just a crazy story and an ode to modern medicine. Shoutout to the athletic trainers, nurses and especially the surgeons. Not 100 years ago they would have filled him up with whiskey, told him to bite the bullet and hacked it off at the knee.

Not only did they save his life but they saved his leg. Now he’s talking about a comeback to the NFL. I hope it happens. I like Alex Smith. But if it were me, I’d hang ’em up for good. You’ve made a zillion dollars, you’ve got a smokin’ hot wife and you’ve been through the above photos and lived to tell the tale.


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