We saw the black smoke from a far and started wondering, what’s burning down?

Flat Rock Speedway? House on Port Creek?

We got word from CrimeDawg “I’m going Kayaking anddddd the golf course is on fire”

Whatttt Wesburn?

Once we heard we got on the beaten path to see what was going on.

The smoke started to lighten up and we started thinking maybe the club house?

We kept going toward the fire to get boots on the ground. We couldn’t get the best look at the fire but if you know Wesburn, you know that side house next to the clubhouse.

As we got closer the cops were making everyone turn around.

Either that house caught fire orrr the golf carts.

We got inside word that the work shop in the back caught fire. Who knows how that happens.

No one was hurt in the accident. People were still golfing during the fire.

We drove by at 5:00 PM, May 1st. My best guess the road will be back open by 7:30!


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