Drizzy Got Busy

Since dropping Scorpion in 2018, the OVO boys surprised us with that new Drake, releasing Dark Lane Demo Tapes at midnight on April 30th. From an overall standpoint, this album is classic Drake, with the usual healthy mix of both his rap, as well as his R&B tracks. The album opens up with two hard, classic tracks where Drake just spits for days on the slower track of Deep Pockets, then picking the tempo back up on When To Say When, reminding me of a Sandra’s Rose type beat/style. It then dips into the sad boy hours, with slow bangers like Chicago Freestyle, where Drake pays homage to Detroit-rapper Eminem’s song Superman in his line “but I do know one thing though, women they come they go…”. This also includes tear-dropper Not You too with Chris Brown.

As whole, what makes Dark Lane Demo Tapes another classic Drake album that will have those catchy Drake beats that will make you bob your head. Although most of the album is the older, slow Drake, he still spits for hours on end on such songs like Losses, as well Time Flies and From Florida With Love, as well as going off in one of the harder tracks in the Future and Young Thug feature D4L.

Hot Take:

My Top 3 Tracks: When To Say When, Losses, Time Flies

Overall: 7.5/10

Reasoning: -0.5 for songs I did not like, the remaining -2 was purely from that Carti feature.


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