McCormick Bro’s Chipping Challenge w/ Special Guests – LINK below

Us at Life Takes have decided to take on a new role outside of our standard blogging landscape. We are going to try and dip our toes into the video world!

Our first video series, “Chipping Challenge,” is presented to you by our first sponsor Boochy Mama’s Probiotic Tonic. Boochy Mama is located out of Toledo, OH and has been generous enough to supply our fellow Life Takes blogger, Crime Dawg, with a case of assorted Kombucha at cost to fulfill the high demand per KGN!

Throughout this series we will strategically place a flag stick across the seven acres of prop here at home base and face the daunting challenge of flight-ing a ball inside the bucket placed at the stick. No rhyme of reason behind it, but to bring a little big of entertainment your way during quarantine. With that being said, please allow us to present to you, the listener, our first take at the McCormick Bro’s Chipping Challenge!!




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