Lions Trade Back- Draft Logan Stenburg- G- Kentucky

Love trading the pick. We got back our 5th round pick that we traded away last night and for the player we probably would have got if we didn’t trade back.

I’m not too mad about going back to back guards. We didn’t have much to any depth at the guard position going into the draft.

Logan Stenburg is a big body and bigger than normal for the guard position. Stenburg stands at 6’6 317 LBS and is a bully. He gets flag a lot but his quote for that “I play football the way it’s suppose to be played” gotta love that.

Quick update from Steve:

We’re getting younger and trying to save our money for the showtime players (Kenny Galloday) were getting depth on the offensive line and were barley playing them.

1- Jeff Okudah

2- D’Andre Swift

3- Julian Okwara

3- Jonah Jackson

4- Logan Stenberg

5- 166

5- 172

6- 197

7- 235

Let’s go. Have a day Detroit


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