Lions Draft Julian Okwara- Brotherly Love

Lions take Julian Okwara, the brother of Romeo Okwara.

Love the pick. Kind of sucks he got hurt and miss the back end of the season but his value and upside is worth the pick.

Defense is the name of the game in this draft and the Lions are staying on the path. I know we got a running back last round but if D’Andre Swift falls in your lap in the 2nd Round, you take it.

Okwara is 6’4 252 pounds. Steve sums it up the best

But this a pick that you don’t have to wonder “will this guy play hard for us” the answer is yes. His older brother will keep him in line and will make sure he stays on the right track.

Lions need a pass rush and Okwara does that the best. Before he got hurt, he was having a great season. He’s a solid, solid 3rd round pick.

One more pick coming soon!


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