Lions 2nd Round Pick: D’Andre Swift RB- Georgia

Superstar alert….

Superstar alert….

Lions nail this second round pick. Whoa.

Swift is small, shifty running back. He’s going to make people miss, look stupid, maybe even fall.

This is the guy the Lions needed. Don’t get me wrong I love Kerryon. He broke the famous non 100 yard streak. But he is injury prone and we have never had a running back with this type of hype/ skill in my lifetime as a fan.

Do I say…. he is the next Barry Sanders?

I won’t go that far but I’m jacked up.

Lions are drafting certified ballers. Not guys you don’t know nothing about. Type of players we haven’t seen before. Championship teams win through the draft and stock pile great young players.

1- Jeff Okudah CB (Ohio State)

2- D’andre Swift RB (Georgia)

Two more picks coming tonight!

Let’s go!


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