32nd Pick: RB- Clyde Edwards- LSU

Super Bowl Champs get stronger!

This is a type of a player who you will want on your fantasy team next season. He will be going catching passes out of the backfield. He is going to be a Priest Holmes type of player, Darren Sproles type of player, Alvin Kamara type of player.

He is built very low to the ground and in football the low man always wins.

This was a once and lifetime draft, so, we thought we would do a once in in a lifetime thing and live blog the draft. I dont think it has ever been done before by anyone. It was grind but it was fun and the draft FLEW by.

I’ll never do it again but I hope were never in quarantee ever again. If we are maybe we will do this again.

We will blog out some of the popular picks tomorrow for rounds 2 & 3 and will do the same thing Saturday for rounds 4,5,6 &7.


Danger: Very happy this first round is over!

S.Mojito: Shifty. I remember him busting ankels

Crime Dawg: The guy is a winner. He won at LSU and he going to win at KC. The defending Super Bowl Champs.





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