30th Pick: Noah Igbinoghene- CB- Auburn

Excuse me what?

What a name. I havent seen a name like that since T.J Houshmandzadeh.

My fingers are hurting.

I’m tired.

I haven’t been this mentally exhusted since middle school? Idk

Idk how how Mel Kiper can do it.

Idk how Todd McShay can do it.

I haven’t typed this much since Mr.Duvalls computer class.

I havent moved in 4 hours.

I heard this guy is fast but he is small.

Players like this, I think are useless. Not a differacne maker.


Danger: Small. Dude is too small

S.Mojito: Reminds me of a player I played with at Northwood.

CrimeDawg: Love his name. Going to be a great player. I think he will be a future Hall of Famer!







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