29th Overall Pick 2020 NFL Draft: OT Isiah Wilson – Georgia


I cannot get enough of google searching offensive lineman and just looking at their sheer size. It’s not joke when they say that games are won in the trenches. It’s strictly because of guys like this. I don’t think he has ever missed a meal in his life and thank god for that. It got him drafted.

A Georgia Dawg going to Nashville to block for a massive back in Derrick Henry. He will finally look like a normal person lining up behind Wilson.

I hope this guy has some good feet because I’m rooting for him. Jack Conklin is gone, so this was a big time need to fill. Good to see they took care of business in the 1st round.


Crime Dog: “Red-shirt sophomore. Young man about to get paid. I don’t know the kid. Only two years of college experience, but learned a lot in his time.”

Danger: “Boring pick. Championship move though.”

S. Mojito: “I have a new found love for all 1st round offensive linemen.”


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