2020 Dirt/Back Road Tournament Champions – NEWBURG RD!

BHDRUM ROLL please……. The Champion of the 2020 Dirt/Back Road Tournament brought to you by Life Takes Blog is NEWBURG RD. That’s right, the #1 seed on the west side of the bracket found themselves steam rolling through the first four rounds to match up with a mighty foe, #1 seed Maxwell. A true heavyweight fight. The type of championship round you go into the tourney hoping to see!

The poll totals went back n forth as the votes tallied up. With their toughest match to date, Newburg edged out Maxwell with 362 total votes to Maxwell’s 309 to claim the title of Best Dirt/Back Road in the greater Carleton area. We would like to thank all 671 people that took the time to place their votes in this must anticipated quarantined match up. Couldn’t have done it without you all!

Phase 1 of the championship notoriety parade has been rolled out and completed. Custom made barn wood signs have been created and distributed into the soil along stretches of E & W Newburg Rd. Phase 2 will consist of wrapping up the remaining intersections of W Newburg. We recognize the voters concern of Newburg Rd being considered two roads combined into one to create one MEGA Newburg. For that reason alone it locked down the #1 seed. Not many others had the ability to link up and give them a run for their money.

For the next week or so, make sure to reach out to your fellow Newburg’ers to congratulate them on their hard fought victory. Feel free to take a nice cruise down victory lane, AKA Newburg Rd, to soak up all its beauty and attempt to locate all ten of our signs proclaiming your champion.(Please don’t steal them lol) The ballets were cast, counted, and Newburg officially wears the CROWN. The people have spoken!!

*We are currently in the lab working on affordable Championship merchandise.* You are all more than welcome to help in the design process of this shirt and send our way. We can make that happen, but we will display the internal design in the days to come.


street sign





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