My Top 5 Worst 1st Round Picks by the Browns from the Last 10 Years

Some people enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling of Christmas, some enjoy crushing cold ones and screaming USA! on the 4th of the July. However, there is one holiday that us Brown’s fans look forward to every year in April. That’s right folks, the NFL draft. Like the lottery or a game at the county fair, we get sucked into believing that we are gonna have a chance the more we play and that’s a game, from a Cleveland sports fan’s perspective, that we’ve been playing for the last 20 years. As today marks Draft Day, I wanted to take a moment to recognize all the horrible decisions that just made you sit there a scratch your head.

(These picks were based on expectations vs. on-field performance)

No. 5 Cameron Erving

PITTSBURGH, PA – JANUARY 01: Cleveland Browns Center Cameron Erving (74) during the second quarter of the National Football League game between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers on January 1, 2017, at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh defeated Cleveland 27-24 in overtime. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

With such a high turnover rate, especially on the offensive line, God-King Ray Farmer tried to fill that void by using the No. 19 pick to select Cam Erving, in hopes of finding their next big time mountain mover. However, Erving would get absolutely bullied by defensive lineman, ranking him tied for the 8th most allowed sacks in is 2015 season debut, as well as giving up the 3rd most his sophomore season, where he’d join the Kansas City Chiefs a year after and go on to win a Super Bowl in 2020. Go figure.

No. 4 Brandon Weeden

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is a time where young talent is supposed to come in and make a name for themselves, proving why they are the ones who will help improve and/or turn that franchise around. With that, why not draft a 4th round-talented QB who didn’t enroll into college until the age of 26. With his experience what could go wrong? That “veteran” rookie would throw 14 touchdowns with 17 interceptions, as well as throwing only (and I can’t emphasize this enough) 9 touchdowns with 9 interceptions his following and last year as a Brown.

No. 3 Johnny Manziel


As much as it pains me to say, being a longtime Johnny fan going back to his A&M days, sometimes the truth hurts. One would think, how foolish could you be to let one of the most elusive and athletic QB Heisman winners in recent years, drop all the way back to No. 22 in the Draft. Well apparently those 21 other franchises may have had a few extra brain cells than the average bear. His off-field drama needs no need for reliving, for it was his playing on the field that made up for his partying, arrests, and getting benched to 3rd string during his second year in the pros. That’s right, in his only two years as a NFL player, the Money Man would throw for a career total of 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.

No. 2 Justin Gilbert

Tony Dejak/Associated Press

The NFL Draft, like chess, is a game of strategy. Whether it’s trying to move up or down to snap that specific player or trading away picks so you can acquire a player, anything can happen. However, there was no bolder move from the geniuses in the Brown’s war room to move up a whopping one spot from 9 to 8 to draft Oklahoma St. prodigy Justin Gilbert. They say that if you don’t hear a cornerback’s name that means they’re doing their job. With Gilbert, however, you didn’t hear his name because he was a complete non-factor on the field, where he would get his first and ONLY career interception during Week 14 of his first and only season with the team.

No. 1 Corey Coleman

The hardest part of writing this article was deciding between either Gilbert or Coleman for the coveted number one spot for worst picks. Coleman may have dropped to number two, if it wasn’t for his infamous game-losing drop against the Steelers, that resulted in the Brown’s 0-16 season (a game which I saw in person). With having the 8th pick in the 2016 Draft, there was plenty of talent for the Browns to amp up the already battered team, except, we would never know who they would’ve drafted. That’s right, in good faith, they traded back to No. 15 to draft a guy who caught only 45% of his passes his rookie year, would get benched to second string string, and would be traded for a 7th round pick a year later.

Did I miss anyone? Any honorable mentions? Join the chat!


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