8th Overall Pick in 2020 NFL Draft: LB/DB/EDGE Isiah Simmons.

Man o’ man. Isiah Simmons is quoted saying a standard NFL roster consists of 53 players and if you drafted him you would get 56 players. That’s the mindset you want out of a young/talented workhorse like Isiah.

He was the best player on one of the best defensive in college football this year. He was can play three positions with out a even thinking about it. His instincts allow for him to roam the LB position, shift to the line to become an edge rusher, and then fall into the secondary and stay toe to toe with top tier speed.

Excellent pick here. Would have loved to have seen him land in Detroit.


Crime Dog: “I could take him.”

Danger: “STUD. This is the guy people will look back in five years and say I can’t believe we didn’t take him.8

S. Mojito: “Can build a team around this guy. Your Jamal Adams.”


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