4th Overall Pick in 2020 NFL Draft: OT Andrew Thomas.

Daniel Jones had a great year, but took a lot of hits in his rookie year. Already not easy to fill the shoes of a 2X Super Bowl MVP, and it’s even more difficult without any protection on the line and Andrew Thomas they beef up their line. An I mean that literally when I say “BEEF.” This dude is Chonk!

I have no idea on this guy, but he looks like a real mans man. Just got word he has extremely long arms, so he’s going to be able to create space in the run game.

Isiah Simmons, Jedrick Wills, Derick Brown, and Tua still on the board. I’m no GM, but that’s a lot of talent still on the board. Congrats to the New York Football Giants.


Crimedog: “Never heard of him.”44

Danger: “Crazy selection. But what is new with the Giants.”

S. Mojito: “I wouldn’t want to mess with this guy.”

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