3rd Pick In The NFL Draft: CB Jeff Okudah! Lets Go

The Detroit Lions went chalk.

I wished they would have traded back in the draft but we need talent and Jeff is the most talented player on the board. He is a very tall/CB and we had the worst pass defense in the league last season. I know we lost Slay but he kind of sucked. Hot Take!! He got burnt so much.

I have heard Okudah is the best corner to come into the NFL since Deion Sanders.

Again, congrats to Andrew Savel for another top draft pick from his alma mater.


Crime Dog: Love Love Love the pick!!

S. Mojito: Cant pass on top tier talent. Need players.

Danger: Wish we would have traded back and got another pick. Wouldn’t hate Simmions from Clemson but from everything I have read this guy is a baller and Detroit needs that. Defense, Defense, Defense this draft.


New York Football Giants on the clock!


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